Diom is a Producer and Dj who currently lives in Cologne. As a producer, his main styles are very reduced and experimental minimal tracks on the one hand and more beatfocused techno on the other hand. The tension between these two opposites inspires most of his work. Years ago, Diom started spinning vinyl as a drum&bass dj before moving to the 4/4 bassdrum. Nowadays he uses a hybrid setup with software and some vinyl, making most use of todays possibilities. His sets reflect a broad spectrum of music, depending on time, place and - of course - the crowd!


Behind the project Locotronik is the guy you should know as DJ Franklyn. In the past he glanced with several deluxe progressive Trance Sets and organizing events with different projects in the electronic underground scene around Münster. At that time he was a pioneer experimenting with minimal waves and dub atmospheres. He is incredibly flexible in musical arts and styles. Being open to quite different kind of musical input; from noisy and psychedelic rock up to experimental jazz ... a collectionist of the good old vinyl, he spends the most of his time twisting "knobs". Of course every track from Locotronik consists of electronic datas, but first the talent and passion to play drums gave him the hand to transfer music in an electronic dimension. In the last years he composed many kinds of electric tracks. Locotronik offers you some special spiced deep dub, minimal techno, at least .. always keeping


m2n is known for his very reduced style of music. Most of the Times his tracks are packed with little soundbits and deep electronic funk, always influenced by the good old acid and techno days. Over the years he developed a feeling for mastering and is therefor responsible for the overall sound of the satellite releases.